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​Minh Dung Vu

Born in Vietnam, based in Leipzig Germany


2013 - 2014    Graphic design  Vietnam University of Fine Art

2015 - 2019    Painting / Graphic University of Fine Arts  Essen

2019 - 2022    Painting /Graphic  at Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig ( HGB Leipzig )  Class Prof. Michael Riedel

2022 - 2023    Meisterschüler (Post Graduate Studies) with Prof. Nikolas Gambarroff, Academy of Fine Arts Mainz



''The artist with Vietnamese roots creates his works with minimal interventions, Minh Dung Vu sews finely painted and specially dyed fabrics, such as silk, to the canvas, thus expanding the classic concept of painting. The fascination for various fabrics and textiles and their versatility are the starting point for his work. Depending on its thickness and structure, fabric behaves differently and can be stretched and processed in different ways. 

Vu combines colors and shapes with playful ease, yet precisely and harmoniously. Although the fabric is used one-dimension­ally, light and shadow play a major role: depending on where the work is placed 

in the room, different light and shadow formations become visible due to the materiality, determined by the permeability and fragility of the fabric. Vu experiments very unobtrusively with materiality, 

he combines materials and explores the limits of perception. In doing so, the past, tradition and memory are combined with new impressions of the present to create timeless works of art.'' 

-Tanja Skorepa-






STRABAG Artaward International 2020 - Award of Recognition

Deutschlandstipendium für begabte Studierende. 2018

Essener Förderpreisträger 2018



Group and Solo Show (Selection)

2023             FROM EAST TO WEST - Gallery Academy of Fine Arts Mainz ( Solo )

2023             TRIALOGUE - Aspects of Abstraction - Gallery Biesenbach - Cologne

2023             Painting after Painting - Gallery Heike Strelow - Frankfurt 

2023             4 Generations Painting after Painting - SHALAST Frankfurt - Gallery Heike Strelow


2022             Position Berlin Art Fair - Gallery Biesenbach

2022             Diplom - Exhibition at Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig.

2022             THANK FOR THE DELAY - CAI Gallery - Belgium 

2022             MINH DUNG VU / JO HUMMEL - Gallery Benjamin Eck - Munich.


2021              3 Person-show Abtract/3/Struktur - Gallery Biesenbach - Cologne.

2021              Season Black - Werkschauhalle, Spinnerei Leipzig.

2021              Time on Flow - STRABAG Kunstforum Vienna ( Solo ) , Austria


2020.             Essential Reduction - Gallery Heike Strelow, Frankfurt am Main.

2020              STRABAG Artaward International 2020 Exhibition, STRABAG Kunstforum Vienna.

2020              Carte Blanche - Gallery Biesenbach, Cologne.

2020              Project on #7 - Gallery damdam Koreanisches Kulturzentrum,Berlin



2019              Unsere Meinung, Klasse Riedel - Urbn Jungle, Leipzig.

2019              Degree Show - HBK Essen.

2019              West - Östlicher Diwan - Gallery Noack- Wassenberg 

2019              ''small world''  Gallery Biesenbach - Cologne

2019              ''Flow'' Kupferdreherst 163 



2018              Essener Förderpreis  Ausstellung 2018, Essen 

2018              Contemporary Art Ruhr (C.A.R) Innovative Kunstmesse, Essen

2018              Art of Nedschroef, Essen


2017              Clear prospect at Toscana Halle Berlin




Public Collections 

STRABAG Kunstforum, Vienna, Austria



»''8 Emerging Abstract Painters To Collect Now'' in Contemporary Art Issue (2022)

»''The Best Minimalist Painting: A Complete Overview'' in Contemporary Art Issue (2020)

»STRABAG Artaward« 25 Jahre Kunstpreis für Malerei und Zeichnung
STRABAG SE, STRABAG Kunstforum; Ritter Verlag, Klagenfurt 2020
ISBN 978-3-85415-617-8


»Clear Prospect

Nicola Stäglich, Tim Tratenroth und Anja Kreitz.

Toscana-Halle Berlin,von der Katalog " Clear Prospect"

fadbk|HBK Essen Verlag

Edition HBK Essen 7, ISBN: 978-3-940887-91-7

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